Pulled mushrooms on a sandwich.

Ingredients For Vegan Pulled Pork

You just need a handful of ingredients to make this vegan pork.

  • King Oyster Mushrooms: The thick stem shreds into perfectly “pulled pork” pieces.  You can substitute blue oyster mushrooms if needed (about 3 heaping cups worth).
  • Spices: The spices can be adapted to what you like, but we tend to use smoked paprika (for that roasted flavor), salt, and a bit of cayenne.
  • BBQ sauce: It’s not a pulled pork alternative without the best BBQ sauce!

    How To Make Pulled Mushrooms

    To make this finger-smacking tasty vegan alternative pulled pork, you’ll just toss the shredded mushroom in spices and bake until the edges are all crispy. Baking first and then sautéing gives the mushrooms a firmer texture that more closely resembles pulled pork.

    Step 1: Shred
    Shred them into fine pieces using two forks. You can finely chop the caps and incorporate them in to (no waste here!) The more finely you shred the mushrooms, the less chewy they will be once cooked.                                                                                                Step 2: Bake
    Drizzle with mushrooms with a bit of oil, paprika, salt, cayenne, and garlic. Toss around to evenly coat the mushrooms, really making sure the spices are worked into every piece (I like to mush it around with my hands). Bake bake for 20 minutes, or until mushrooms are a bit crispy and brown on the edges.

    Step 3: Sauté
    Now to infuse the pulled mushrooms with that BBQ flavor! Transfer the cooked shredded mushrooms to a sauté pan and add BBQ sauce. Stir and cook for 3 to 5 minutes, until mixture is thick and fragrant. 

    Voila! You now have BBQ mushrooms that you can serve warm on sandwiches, nachos, salads, tacos…or whenever you eat pulled “pork”!